I'm Trainer and Profesional / Specialist SFX Silicon Makeup Film, Producer, Senior Editor and Script Writer


Married and has 4 amazing children.

Husband : Dr(Hon).R. Arvin I. Miracelova, SE, Dipl(Arts),CMP,CAPM

Children  :

1. Yusuf Jacka Ardana ( 19 Years Old )

2. Yusuf Satria Ardana ( 17 Years Old )

3. Aisyah Miracelova P.A ( !2 Years Old )

4. Adzkia T.Miracelova P.A ( 9 Years Old )

I have an International Certified in Makeup Film Specialist


My Experiences :

  1. 2 years as Producer film series Baliwood Box Office / BBO International Talents.

  2. Specialist SFX Film Makeup and as a trainer for SFX Film Makeup to local or International creative community, Students , Teachers ,Public, etc, in groups or individually.

  3. 10 years as Producer ,MUA ,Script Writer,trainer for community film project distribute to the worldwide (IPTV,Satellite,dll).

  4. 3 Years as Producer TV In Indonesia Military Media in Indonesia (Mabes TNI

Myself as a trainer will teach you with Fun Learning Method in Bahasa and English Language. Anybody can learn fast about SFX (Special Effects) Silicon Film Makeup. 

Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Indah R Miracelova